Top 10 Best Voice and Video Call Apps To Hangout With Your Friends

In this modern era, almost everyone owns a smartphone and smartphones have completely changed the way we use a gadget. When 3G network was launched, from then video calls have become a popular way to communicate with friends and family through mobile devices. Video calling allows both users to see each other while talking, this […]

Top 10 Best Email App for Android Smartphones or Tablets

Like social networking E-mail is another most important thing in the communication between peoples either its business communication or personal communication. We can access our mail from our PC, Tablets or mobile devices. So if you have an Android device you might expect some good E-mail clients or E-mail app for your android device and […]

Top 10 Best Cleaner and Optimizer Apps For Android Device

Android, the most used and trusted mobile operating system in the world. While comparing it with its rival iOS, Android ranks very well because of its openness. No matter which version of Android operating system you are using, you can always tweak it to get best performance of your android device and you can speedup […]

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android

The entire world had the people loves to make some editing in their photos & videos in order to give a nice look to their videos/photos, make it a perfect video by adding some special effects, adding sounds, change background music and some other desired changes. In past, computers were the venue for such editing […]

Top 20 Best Apps For Rooted Android Device

Almost every one holds an android device these days because android OS is one of the most amazing OS over all mobile OS. By default android provides a lot of customization but that’s not enough for Geeks or Tech savvy and this is why you need to Root your android device. Rooting is the process […]

Top 10 Best Free VPN Apps for Android Device

VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best way to protect your privacy and security while browsing or accessing internet at your home or any other public Wi-Fi hotspot. Buy not using protection, you may lose your personal information from your device. When it comes to android, this mobile operating system is most […]

Top 10 Best Money Making Apps for Smartphone (Android/Ios)

Yeah, You heard it right Now you can earn money with your phone. It is one of the most easy way to earn money because it is very easy task to do. I believed that in modern generation everyone is love money and want to earn more. And I also believed that this smartphones are […]

Top 10 Best Video Player App For Android Smartphone and Tablets

Hola friends, hope you all are doing well. If you own a smartphone or tablet, then I am sure most of your time passes by watching locally saved videos or movies in it. Well a lot of people prefer to watch live streaming videos, but there comes many times when you don’t have internet in […]