Best Sites To Watch Cartoons/Anime or Dubbed Anime Online For Free

Along with watching movies and listening music everyone loves to watch cartoons. When some cartoon show or movie comes on TV we all like to watch it, no matter if you are a kid or young. Over the years cartoons gone long way from hand drawing to animated movies and cartoon industries are creating more […]

Top 10 Best Free VPN Service Providers or Clients for Mac and Windows

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks have been around for a while, but till now they have not got the attention they deserve. People who are tech-literate or often use internet are only well aware of VPNs and their working. There are tons of paid options out there, but many of the free options are perfectly […]

How to Create Image With Text Online For Free

You might have been seen in Facebook or anywhere in the internet that many people created their image or some images with different text character. Isn’t that cool? But have you ever wonder that how people created those images with text only? Are you thinking it’s a very complicated process? No it’s not a very […]

Tricks to increase your Internet Speed | Boost Internet Speed |

We have already discussed some tricks to increases Firefox browsing speed but in this article we will looking for some extra and unique tricks and tweaks to increases internet speed. Everyone wants to enjoy high speed internet but they cannot get it because of some limitation or high price. For the reason of slow internet […]

How to Access Blocked Websites in School/ Collage/Office? Best 10 Ways

Now day’s internet becomes most important to all of us. It has ton of information out there and most of us use internet for several reason. But due to numbers of reason in many schools, collage and in offices some websites like Facebook, twitter,  YouTube etc are blocked. Even some torrent sites and some file […]

How to block a website on your computer? block website in windows7/8

Now day’s internet becomes most essential things for all of us and it makes our life easy and fun. But internet has some good side and has some bad side and these bad things are more dangerous for children. In this modern era all most every children use internet but most of the time they […]

10 Tips to Stay Safe Online

Now day’s internet becomes most essential things. Internet brings the world in our fingertips and for this reason online activity like Shopping, Online Banking etc is increased day by day. But increasing online activity cyber crime also increases in the same row. Thus online safety is a huge issue and many users are unaware of […]

How to Fix DNS Error and Increases Internet Browsing Speed?

Sometimes we get an error from our browser This Webpage is Not Available while browsing internet and this is the phrase that most of us hate to see. When our webpage wouldn’t loads then we see this page from our browser that DNS look up Failed. If you are facing this problem more frequently, even […]