How To Convert MKV To MP4 File Using Softwares & Websites

Video players like VLC media player and SMPlayer are able to play almost all kind of videos and audio, irrespective of what their file type is. So if you have VLC or SMPlayer video players, then you don’t have to worry about converting videos to other formats. However there comes many times when you will […]

Watch/Stream Or Play Torrent Movies And Videos Without Downloading

These days torrent is most popular and widely used by internet and computer geeks. Every internet and computer geeks love to download their favorite movies, software, games, and eBooks from the web and Torrent is their favorite place to download these things for free. And in torrent downloading process uTorrent playing a crucial role from […]

Top 5 Best Media Player for Windows–Best Audio/Video Player for Windows

Music and media has been a part of our daily life and all we have varied interests and preference for listening music and watching videos. To watching videos or listening music we have media player in our pc and it’s varied user to user. There are a lot of great music players for Windows. But […]

Top 10 Best Video Player App For Android Smartphone and Tablets

Hola friends, hope you all are doing well. If you own a smartphone or tablet, then I am sure most of your time passes by watching locally saved videos or movies in it. Well a lot of people prefer to watch live streaming videos, but there comes many times when you don’t have internet in […]

Convert, Cut and Resize Videos using VLC [ How To]

VLC is one of the greatest and most popular media player. It is a free and open source media player. VLC able to play all type of media formats even most obscure media formats. But that’s not at all using VLC you can do many creative things with your videos such as you can convert […]