How to Access Blocked Websites in School/ Collage/Office? Best 10 Ways

Now day’s internet becomes most important to all of us. It has ton of information out there and most of us use internet for several reason. But due to numbers of reason in many schools, collage and in offices some websites like Facebook, twitter,  YouTube etc are blocked. Even some torrent sites and some file sharing sites are getting blocked by ISP (internet service provider) due to Government order and this is most frustrating moment to all of us when we try to access our favorite websites but it is not access. But there is numbers of ways to get access blocked website and today in this article we are going to tell you some Ways to access blocked websites. It’s not a very technical and complicated process. These are really simple methods to access blocked websites.

Access blocked website

Best 10 ways to Access Blocked Website

Now follow the below methods which will help you to access blocked websites.

Using Proxy Sites

Proxy websites are online proxy servers which will help you to access websites that are blocked at your place. Before access blocked websites you need to connect to a proxy server and it will redirect you to blocked websites and you can access them. There are many proxy website are available but here we listed some widely uses proxy sites. These sites bypassing most of the restriction setup by the ISPs or network administration. Here is Top 110 Best Free Proxy Server /Proxy Sites List 2015

  • http://www
  • http://www
  • http://www

Now go to one of the above site and enter blocked website URL and get access. We prefer to use Hidemyass.

How to use Hidemyass

Go to Hidemyass and enter blocked website’s URL and then click on Hide My Ass button and it will show the website instantly.

Using manual Proxy IP address in browser

Many popular browser supports to use manual Proxy IP address and using those Proxy IP address you can surf internet anonymously and you can access blocked websites. There are huge list of free Proxy IP address available on the internet. You can get it from Here.

How to use Manual Proxy in Mozilla Firefox

Manual proxy settings
If you use Mozilla Firefox then go to Option and switch to Advance tab and then select Network. Now click on Settings and choose Manual Proxy configuration. Now entre HTTP Proxy and Port and check the box where written as Use this proxy server for all protocol. Now press OK and reconnect to the internet.

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP before URL

HTTPS means secure connection where all data will be encrypted. If the websites are blocked by ISPS then you can access those sites using this trick. Just use Https instead of Http before URL. For example if you want to open then try Https:// This trick will worked for many file sharing websites and links in India and others country.

Using Tor browser

Using Tor browser you can browse internet anonymously and can access blocked websites. This is the most wisely uses utility to hide online identity. But using Tor browser you need to follow some steps.

  • Don’t download torrent using Tor browser.
  • Don’t enable or install browser plugins.
  • Always use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • Don’t open or download documents through Tor browser while you are online.
  • Download Tor Browser.

Using Hola extension on your browser

Hola is a browser extension which is available for all popular browsers. It helps you to surf internet anonymously. To install it on your browser, just go to their official website and download it.

Using Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is the online Internet Archive tool that allows users to use the web archive to surf the web as it was. With the help of wayback Machine you can access the blocked website in its previous version. So visit this link.

Using VPN Software

VPN stand for Virtual Private Network and it is a network technology that creates a secure network connection over a public network such as internet. Using VPN software you can access blocked website. VPN software will let you to browse internet anonymously. To do that you just need to download the software and install it on your computer. There are many VPN software’s are available for both free and paid version and here we listed some widely uses VPN software’s among them.

  • Cyber Ghost VPN
  • Hotspot Shield VPN
  • Tunnel Bear VPN

Using IP address instead of Website URL

Generally in school collage and offices website are blocked by some software and most of the software needs website URL to block the website. So if you use those websites IP address instead of URL then you can access blocked websites. But before doing this you need to know the IP of that particular website.

How to know IP address of a website

Finding IP address of a website is simple just Open command prompt and type Ping and hit Enter. For example if you want IP of then type Ping and hit Entre and you get IP address of that website. Now use IP address to access that website.
Find IP address

Using Decimal code

If the websites are blocked using URLs and IPs then you can’t access those websites using IP address. In this case you need to use decimal code of that IP address. To get decimal code of an IP you can use this Tool.
IP of Google is http:// and Decimal code is HTTP://1249766560/

Using Email The Web

EmailTheWeb is a free mail service which will let you to get any webpage straight to in your inbox that you requested and you can access the webpage through your email. To get any webpage in your mail inbox you have to register your email address on Emailtheweb and enter the website URL and you are done.


These are the few methods to access blocked websites. The above method does not guaranty to access all blocked websites but most of time these methods worked.
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  1. Social network sites like Face book YouTube or my my space these websites blocked in school office or work places some reason so if you access this websites so you used anonymous proxies server

  2. Thanks its a great post about accessing blocked websites. I am was searching some way how, I can browse blocked site. where my IP was block. After reading you post and ten way, now I am able to login there..

  3. I use hidemyass daily to connect to Poland and it works flawlessly every time. I have used other services that have been very unreliable and left me unable to connect on occasion. I would recommend this to anyone who requires a fast, reliable connection through their VPN service.

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