100+ Funny Things To Ask Siri – Funny Questions To Ask Siri

Siri is a smart voice powered personal assistance for iPhone iPad and iPod that was first introduced by Apple in the iPhone 4S in 2011. It’s a funny virtual agent (girl or guy depending on the gender voice you’ve chosen). Siri is supposed to everything on I device like a real life personal assistance, it […]

Top 10+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Matches Online

Now a day’s people are so much busy in their work, that they don’t even get time to watch matches on TV. Likewise there are millions of crickets, football, basketball lovers; I am one of them too. As a student, sometimes I miss my favorite match just because I was in school. It annoys me […]

Hulu Plus vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Which Is Best For Streaming

In this modern era, mostly each person spends few hours of his day online on either social networking websites or on streaming websites. Everyone loves to watch new movies and videos, but due to some restrictions most of the people are not able to get notified as soon as the video or movie launches. You […]

Best Sites to Play Cool Math Games: Cool Math Games for Kids

In this modern world, kids prefer to play games on mobiles and computers, instead of outdoor games. So there are many parents out there who want their children to learn something from what they are using, but as lack of knowledge, they fail to do so. There are so many educational and online learning websites […]

Top Best Sites to Listen Music Online For Free- Music Streaming Sites

To take some brake from daily work everyone loves entertain it’s either by watching movies/video, listening music or by playing games. But music is the thing that everyone loves to listen because listening to your favorite music can instantly put you in a good mood and it takes tension away from you which will improve […]

Most Popular and Best Online Meme Generator Sites

Memes are trending now a days. They can be seen everywhere over the internet. Even bloggers have started using them to attract visitors. Though it comes many times when you want a meme for specific situation, and similar text on it. It will spread person to person through social media, websites, blogs, email, and news […]

Top Best Websites To Download PC Games For Free

Who doesn’t like playing games? And when it comes to pc games, there are thousands of games available for it. If you are a game lover like me, then you might be looking for some sites from which you can download games, because buying games it not always recommended as there are millions of free […]

100+ Funny Things To Ask Cortana – Cortana Commands

Cortana is a cloud based intelligent personal assistance for windows phone released by Microsoft. Cortana was first introduced and demonstrated by Microsoft in 2014 Microsoft build developer conference. Cortana is supposed to do everything like a real life personal assistance but technically. It allows users to operate and interact their device by voice command like […]