How to Backup and Restore Windows Registry? Easy way

Registry file is the most essential part of windows Operating system where all information (Data base) and configuration settings are stores in the form of HEX and BITS or Keys and Value. Sometimes we explore and tweak it for several purposes. If you think “I never change windows registry” then you are wrong, because it […]

How to Add AdSense Ads Below Post Title and End of the Post in Blogger?

Google AdSense is the world no 1 contextual ad serving company and almost every blogger or webmaster use AdSense to monetize their blog. But after getting AdSense approval placement of AdSense ad play a crucial role in revenue improvement. You might have observed in many blogs (including my blog) AdSense ads at below post title […]

10 Tips to Stay Safe Online

Now day’s internet becomes most essential things. Internet brings the world in our fingertips and for this reason online activity like Shopping, Online Banking etc is increased day by day. But increasing online activity cyber crime also increases in the same row. Thus online safety is a huge issue and many users are unaware of […]

How to Change Windows 7 Default LogIn screen or Boot screen ?

Windows 7 is a great operating system after windows XP provide by Microsoft. It has lots of features includes its graphic quality. Windows 7 has a good logon screen When you start your windows 7 PC you may be noticed that, it starts with its own default logon screen animation and You are watching the […]

How to Fix DNS Error and Increases Internet Browsing Speed?

Sometimes we get an error from our browser This Webpage is Not Available while browsing internet and this is the phrase that most of us hate to see. When our webpage wouldn’t loads then we see this page from our browser that DNS look up Failed. If you are facing this problem more frequently, even […]

How to Increase Utorrent Download Speed?Increase utorrent Speed

UTorrent is a powerful and efficient Bit Torrent client that allows you to download Torrent files directly. uTorrent is the best Torrent client that offers much greater download speed as compared to other Torrent clients. But some people are not satisfied with its downloading speed. If you are one of them and looking for some […]

How to Speed up idm Download Speed and Make idm Faster

If you are an Internet and computer geek, then you must know what is IDM (Internet Download Manager). This is a utility app which helps us to download multiple file at a time with better speed and it is used by millions of internet user over worldwide. There are so many download managers available in the market […]

Tricks to increase Firefox browsing speed | Speed up Firefox |

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser of all time and most of the internet user use it for browsing internet .To be frank it is the safest and fastest browser among all browser. It is known for speed browsing, good uploading and downloading speed. But some times it gets fail and experiences slower […]