How to Increase Utorrent Download Speed?Increase utorrent Speed

UTorrent is a powerful and efficient Bit Torrent client that allows you to download Torrent files directly. uTorrent is the best Torrent client that offers much greater download speed as compared to other Torrent clients. But some people are not satisfied with its downloading speed. If you are one of them and looking for some […]

How to Speed up idm Download Speed and Make idm Faster

If you are an InternetĀ and computer geek, then you must know what is IDM (Internet Download Manager). This is a utility app which helps us to download multiple fileĀ at a time with better speed and it is used by millions of internet user over worldwide. There are so many download managers available in the market […]

Tricks to increase Firefox browsing speed | Speed up Firefox |

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser of all time and most of the internet user use it for browsing internet .To be frank it is the safest and fastest browser among all browser. It is known for speed browsing, good uploading and downloading speed. But some times it gets fail and experiences slower […]

Top 5 Best Free Antivirus For Android Device.

As we know now days android mobile and tablets is most popular device to all of us and increases its popularity day by day. By increasing its popularity risk of malwares and viruses are also increases. For this reason there is also risk of lost of private information and data. Alone this year more than […]