How to Solve Bluestacks Graphics Card Error ?Solve Error 25000

Bluestacks is one of the most popular and free android emulator that allows people to install android apps and games on PC that means you no longer need to have android device to get the experience of android apps and games. With bluestacks you can use whatsapp on PC, Kik Messenger on PC and also you can play popular android games on your laptop or computer. These days you can find many android emulators on internet which can used as alternative of Bluestacks, but honestly Bluestacks is better than any android emulator. Solve Bluestacks Market Not Found Error
Bluestacks graphics card error

But sometimes Bluestacks irritate us by giving a error called graphic card error 2500. When people try to install bluestack app player on their windows PC, then it shows following error .

“Error 25000. Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card. It is possible your graphics drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try install again.” 

But don’t worry if there is a problem then must be there is a solution for it and today in this article we will discuss working method to fix bluestacks  graphics card error 25000.  Access WhatsApp video and image folder on Bluestacks

Reason for BlueStacks Error 25000

BlueStacks requires a good Graphics Card or Chipset and RAM (Minimum of 2GB) for its proper work. There are two type of Graphic card Driver, first one is Microsoft’s proprietary Direct3D which is needed to run Windows and second one is OpenGLwhich is need to run Android Apps. So if you don’t update your windows regularly, then OpenGL didn’t get updated as often as Direct3D. Therefore when you try to run Bluestacks on your system which is not get update, then Bluestacks shown the Error 25000.

Bluestacks error 25000

How to Fix Bluestacks Graphics Card Error 25000?

So, today in this article we are going to tell you some method to overcome of this error. If you follow the below methods then you will surely can installed Bluestacks on your Computer and enjoying Android Apps and Games.

Update Graphics Card Driver:

The error message directly blames the problem towards old version of graphics driver. So if you are having a very old computer might not be able to install BlueStacks to it ever. But if your Graphics card or motherboard is not that old then you need to update your Graphics Card Driver.
Here below we have given links which will test your drivers and shows outdated driver’s information

  • Now click on above link according to your driver and it will automatically detect your system for drivers scan.
  • After scan is completed it will show a list of new drivers which available to updates for your PC.
  • Now update and install all driver. (Especially Graphics card Driver).
  • After updating of graphics card driver, you can able to install Bluestacks on your PC.

Install the older version of bluestacks:

Bluestacks show through this error to update Graphics Driver to solve this error, but most of time it is not solve even you update your Graphics Driver. In this case you need to install older version of Bluestacks. The older version of Bluestacks don’t require a higher end system configuration like the new version and you will be able to install it without getting and graphic card error.

Older version of Bluestacks
  • After downloading install it on your Computer and enjoy Android Apps and Games.

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If you face bluestacks graphics card error again even you update your graphics driver then you must try second method to install BlueStacks on your system and you will able to install Bluestacks without any error.
If you find any new method then let us know us by commenting and we’ll update it here.


  1. This application at least 2 GB og physical memory. Sir Please give me solution

  2. I have my laptop with 4 GB RAM & lGB of graphics radeon If the problem is I removed my laptop from the BlueStacks install 2 GB of RAM or do I

    • Pabitra Panda says:

      If your laptop contain 4GB RAM and still face the problem then download Bluestacks old version again from the above link and install it on your PC. Contact me on Facebook

  3. Virtual Box is not only fun, Software that you have a much

  4. Anonymous says:

    sir i want an low memory bluestack i mean 10_15

  5. If your laptop computer contain 4GB RAM and still face the matter then transfer Blue stacks previous version once more from the on top of link and install it on your laptop.

  6. There is another way to solve Blustacks Graphics Driver Errors by Skipping Graphics Card Check,

  7. Sir I Have Install Bluestacks but many files are not open.what should i do??

    • Mohil, which version of bluestacks you have installed? If you've installed older version of bluestacks then you are not able to open high quality games or apps.

  8. Thanks, i downloaded older version and it works.

  9. download from below link it work just skip error by clicking ok button

  10. Anonymous says:

    i downloaded this some time back and i uninstalled it by mistake but when i try to install it again it says it couldn't install bluestacks and check the folder under users which is my apps but the folder is missing how can i install it again and it was the old version of bluestacks

  11. the application failed to intialize properly (0xc0000135).click on ok terminate the application yeh arrer mery pc par please guaig me in urdu plz help me

  12. how to install bluestack on windows 8….without any graphics card plz help me

  13. plz give me the old vision link

  14. sir old version of bluestack want . net framework 2.0 sp2 …

  15. All the driver including display and windows also updated but always show “Error 25000. Bluestacks currently doesn't recognize your graphic card. It is possible your graphics drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try install again.”

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sir my computer has 6 GB Graphic card but Bluestacks does not install in my computer

  17. Dear Sir,
    Bluestacks is does not install in my Computer. I hope you will answer shortly.

  18. old version of bluestack want . net framework 2.0 sp2

  19. my system is core i 3, and ram is 4 gb but blue Stacks, is not install in my pc ther error is……. Failed to install blueStacks. error; Could not load file or assembly Accessibility, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3 or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.please help me…

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi… I am trying to install bluestack in virtual box. The new version of bluestacks has the video error.. I tried the older version you have a link for above but at the end of installation I get the "blue screen" and a memory dump. I tried an even older version of bluestacks that only requires 1gm of memory.. it wont install in the vm. Do you have any idea what I need to do? Can you

  21. Try to Install it in your PC and if bluestacks then use Bluestacks Alternative to run android apps on pc

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sir I am having desktop with 2GB RAM and i am facing an error of graphic driver while installing bluestacks.Please give me solution.

  23. Anonymous says:

    INSTAGRAM , BBM not working…….

  24. Anonymous says:

    How do I know my graphic driver?

  25. sir….can i install bluestacks without graphics card..???

  26. ferdinand sanchez says:

    I did install and run bluestacks in my netbook asus 1015px but when i try to install games like dark avenger its says that i need to update my hard drive or graphics. What should i do to fix it?

  27. Anonymous says:

    this version has not Google play it?



  29. i have old version of bluestacks, but i cannot run already downloaded games,how to run it?

  30. Hi, This is how I solved my bluestack graphic card error. (see the video) I hope it may help you as well.

  31. To fix any types of driver issue it is recommended that download driver navigator tool to make your system’s driver in good condition.

  32. dharmesh says:

    plz solve give me for bluestack install after loading screen…not open bluestack

  33. how to update graphic drivers.. i have tried but it is taking long time… m not able to open bluestack…

  34. Abdul SAttar says:

    Hi dear Sir,
    I have previously installed bluesatcks it Worked fine but some time Hangs up So i Uninstalled it No Graphic errors !

    But I try to install again This error shows “Error 2500” WHy Please Help Me


  35. Hii, Sir My System Ram is 1 Gb And i Have No Graphic Card What Can i Do????????????????

    Please Help Me

  36. noukonth says:

    i don’t have graphic card but i do have 2gb ram what should i do to install the bluestack

  37. i downloaded bluestack older version but still not working, looking for your guidance .. reply asap.

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